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ยิ่งห่าง ยิ่งห่วง – a song in light of the corona virus crisis

Amidst the recent COVID-19 crisis, most of the world have been advised to practise social distancing. Loneliness, consequently, has become an even more pressing issue than before – especially among the elderly who are the most vulnerable to the virus. I am fortunate I live with my grandparents, so they do not have to undergo the same experiences of isolation I read about online. In light of the ongoing pandemic, I wrote "ยิ่งห่าง ยิ่งห่วง" which translates to "the further away, the more caring." The main idea of the song is to remind and reassure people that being away is not a sign of abandonment, but rather of care. I hope this will help relieve some isolation fatigue that is beginning to set in.

I began by writing the lyrics and the melody simultaneously. The melody, however, turned out to be quite dull upon revisitation, so my dad kindly helped tweaked some parts of it to make it less mundane. I got my sister to record the song, with my dad on the guitar, while I was busy putting together the lyrics video. The video was made by animating photos I found off the internet, so I would also like to extend a thank you to those people I took the images from.

The lyrics video can be found at:

I have also included the chords here:

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