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Tasting Menu

Crafted with hand-sourced ingredients, this is a menu of my previous work.


The fact that my name is Pun Pun does not aid me in making better puns in any way. Some of the content you will be exposed to today should be classified as bad humour. Also, as you may be able to tell, I have quite a sweet-tooth.

Beat-Root Soup

Matching the beat, and connecting to my roots is a special edition of Dean Martin's Sway, which I have translated into Thai myself and asked my good friend Jenny to sing it in the studio-recording for our family album of translated songs.

Taste of Thailand

Treat yourself with the deconstructed and reconstructed Tastes of Thailand in Oxford style. Enjoy a selection of my work in rebranding the Oxford Thai Society to be more contemporary, served with a side of promotional materials under the new branding scheme for our Oxford Thai Night – A Night in Bangkok.


A frozen treat to counter the Bangkok heat. This classic desert is reimagined with layers combining my experiences and thoughts on how different disciplines can harmonise with one another, served personally by me as a TEDx Youth talk.

Mad Hatter's Special-Tea

Published on an established Thai online media – The Cloud – this

Travelogue will take you to the Alice in the Palace exhibition, held at the historical Blenheim Palace. What more can I say? It's tea-time!

Allergen Information:

This article is written in Thai, although feel free to indulge in the pictures I took (also included in the link).

Lijphard Crunch (R)

Finish off with a little crunch of data! Enjoy a flavourful blend of Lijphart (2012) lightly glazed with coding in R, served addressing the question

"Does consensus democracy reduce social inequality?"

Allergen Information:

This essay contains data analysis with traces of code in the appendix.

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