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Far From Home

I watched the sky come ablaze

At the rim of the sea of clouds

Far across at the horizon,

And as I looked up I saw a magnificent gradient:

The spectrum as the red of dawn rushed up

Into an orange, yellow,

Then a strange green…

Perhaps not peculiar a hue,

But green – though it rarely is – before melting

Into the blue

Of the night soon to end.

I watched as the spectrum enveloped itself

Onto the aluminium surface of the wings

As the aircraft circled and tilted.

The reflection of the sky,

The rays captured by the clouds

So serene.

I watched the artery and veins of the city:

The stretches of yellow-lit highways

And the early morning traffic that paced through.

Twelve hours

Through ten-thousand kilometres,


I was

Far from home.

Credit: Shutterstock

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