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I won the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly video challenge!

Upon the kind invitation of my friend Elhana, I was prompted to consider the question:

Is there as South East Asian Identity?

of which I answered in video form.

I was fortunate enough to have my views featured on the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly's Secretariat's Instagram.

The video can be found here:

The secretariat writes...

Our second #VideoChallenge winner, "Pun Pun" Yongphiphatwong (Thailand), a PPE student from the University of Oxford, answered our second question, "Do you think there is a Southeast Asian identity?" Pun Pun agrees that there is a Southeast Asian identity, and she's noticed it since she moved to the UK as she shares similar experiences with other Southeast Asian students. But she also thinks that it may not be a strong identity due to the region's diversity.

I am grateful to have amazing friends who point me to great opportunities for critical thought!

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