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Model United Nations

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

I started Model United Nations because I was not allowed to participate in the World Scholar's Cup according to school policy, but now I am actually and honestly engaged in this community.

The source of inspiration would be in the summer where I went to the US with the school's music tour, where we were privileged enough to be able to perform in the United Nations' headquarter in New York. During the visit, we were guided around the numerous halls, each serving a council, with hundreds of chairs, microphones and earphones. It was an impactful experience, especially when we entered the General Assembly. The UN is a place where every nation is heard, regardless of their size or population. A place where enemies join hands and collaboratively generate a structured resolution to conflicts and issues and together, lead the world to a prosperous state of peace, happiness and equality. I took a picture of the General Assembly: it is now my lock screen.

At the moment I am writing this, I have only started doing MUN and had recently attended two conferences:

BKKMUN (hosted by NIST) as Indonesia in the Economic and Social Council

EISMUN (hosted by EIS) as Chad in the Security Committee

My first MUN conference was especially encouraging as I made lots of 'points of information' and luckily had the opportunity to deliver a For and an Against speech.

I love MUN for the fact that it requires a lot of general knowledge and enables us to practice critical thinking skills (to make effective arguments) as well as research and public speaking skills.

Here are some of my MUN goals:

  • To attend at least 5 conferences in the 2015-2016 academic year

  • To main-submit a resolution that passes

  • To earn a superlative

  • To become the 'Best Delegate'

  • To be part of the leadership team in the school MUN community

  • To have been a representative in all key committees

  • To hopefully help host the SHB/BKKMUN at school

I hope I will achieve them soon!

Note: Originally published on Sunday 15th Nov 2015 via Firefly

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