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PPE Notes

These are some notes my friends and I have compiled for our final exams in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford. They certainly do not cover everything you have to know but can probably (and hopefully) provide some guidance! If you notice any typos or anything that needs correction, you can let me know.


I am sharing these with the world because, as a student, I found having access to notes by my seniors very helpful (especially those by Lieu Zheng Hong's which are publicly accessible here).


If you find any of these helpful, do something kind (and maybe even let me know what you did) – let's all pay it forward!



| Amoralism

| Kant

| Relativism

| Free Will (also by Martin Yip)

Plato's Republic

| Reading Notes

| Book I (also by Martin Yip)

| Glaucon and Adeimantus (also by Martin Yip)

| Knowledge and Belief (also by Martin Yip)

| Degeneration (also by Martin Yip)



Political Theory

| Rawls, Justice and Liberalism

| Equality

Political Sociology (also by Martin Yip, Chloe Young and Walter Li)

| Political Culture and Social Capital

| Class

| Religion

| Ethnic Minorities

| Political Elites

| Methodology

Sociological Theory



Microeconomics (mostly made by Martin Yip)

Macroeconomics (covers most but not all lectures)

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